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Sod prices lowes

Sod prices lowes

Have you? There are square feet in a pallet of sod. Typically there are rectangles that Buffalo Grass or Buffalograss Buffalo Grass is a warm season sod that grows only 4 inches which means it does not need Bermuda Grass or Bermudagrass Bermuda Grass is one of the most widely used grasses in warmer regions. It grows from Bahiagrass or Bahia Grass Bahia Grass is a low maintenance sod used in warm costal areas because of its toughness Editorial Disclaimer: The views expressed in articles published on this website are those of the authors alone.

They do not represent the views or opinions of this website or its staff. The articles on this site do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement with respect to any views, company, or product.

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Authors affirm that article submissions are their original content or that they have permission to reproduce. Sod Installation. Cost Report. You can also buy grass seed at Home Depot. Please tell us about Home Depot sod prices in your area or get a free sod installation cost estimate from a local pro. About the Author. Click to Get Quotes. Cost of Sod Installation per square foot installed.

Free Cost Estimate. Related Topics. Proper Measuring Technique for Sod Learn how to measure the area for your new lawn. What is Sod? Sod also known as turf is a thin layer of soil with grass growing on top of it. How to Use a Sod Roller A simple explanation of how to use a sod roller. What is a Sod Roller? A sod roller is used to flatten or smooth out sod. What is a Sod Cutter?

A sod cutter is a machine or hand tool that removes sod from the ground. Other Related Topics. All users of ProMatcher.Wish you could instantly transform your ragged yard into a lush green lawn?

This is certainly possible if you have the money to invest in having sod installed. In return for the convenience, though, you can expect that you will pay a pretty penny. Sod prices are much higher than growing your own grass from seedlings.

If you can afford the sod cost, purchasing sod grass can be an effective way to achieve a perfect lawn instantly. Or, you can also use sod grass to repair small sections of your yard that have been damaged. While purchasing sod can be quite expensive, in return for the sod cost, there are many benefits you can expect. For instance, you will get instant satisfaction from the results, and sod grass can also help protect your yard in those precarious areas where the soil is prone to erode.

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In fact, the work may just be beginning because sod takes a real commitment in ongoing maintenance to keep it up. This is because sod grass needs to be nourished by the soil in order to thrive and remain alive over time. Sod grass can also take some time and effort to install it. This is because your site may need to be prepared and you will also need to place the rolls or pallets of the sod so they can reconnect in their new location.

Because of the manual labor required for this task, many homeowners hire a professional landscaper for the job. Therefore, your sod options will depend upon the climate and region in which you live.

This gives your lawn a better chance of doing well. There is a tremendous amount of time, effort and equipment required on the part of the grower in order to achieve this perfection.

In general, you can expect it to take two years of growth and daily maintenance to create most good quality sod grass. You can purchase sod through a local garden center or landscaping company.

Or, you can look for a local sod farmer who will be willing to sell to you without going through a middleman. You can find these types of suppliers in your yellow pages or through ads in your newspaper, or you can do a search online for local options.

Home improvement super stores like Home Depot and Lowes can be good places to start your search. You can also sod online and have it sent to you through websites like BuySod. Or, contact regional suppliers in your area that sell sod online.

Just remember that sod can be expensive to transport so be sure to include this in your price when comparing costs among suppliers. What you can expect to spend on sod grass will depend on what type of sod you select and where you purchase it.

Keep in mind that transporting pallets of sod can take up a great deal of room and will probably need to be delivered by truck, which can pricey. With all of these variables factored in, you can expect to spend on sod grass prices anywhere from about 15 to 60 cents a square foot.

On the low end of the scale, this is usually sod that you purchase and install yourself. The high end of the sod price range will be for sod grass that you have professionally installed. The installation part of the sod price will also depend on the type of equipment the landscaper brings to the task, though, since some commercial companies will have heavy duty equipment that will be especially efficient and can keep costs down, while others will do more manual labor that can be quite time intensive.

In addition, the expanse of your yard and how flat and easy to sod it is will also determine how much the landscaper will charge. Keep in mind that the delivery and site preparation can be at an extra cost.

sod prices lowes

In addition, if you have a steep slope in your yard or other complications, sod prices for installation can be even higher. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Search thousands of topics on CostHelper. Lawn took off beautifully until mid-summer heat late June-mid July all grass is non existent.

With sod costing. Update your info, and do a little research before posting low ball figures that fill consumers heads with unrealistic ideas about what they should pay for work.

One way of doing it is to take the cost of the sod, and double it. Im a Landscape contractor and i cant help to notice that this information is completely wrong! Now days you'll be lucky if you can find good quality sod for. Next there are many other factors that play a roll in installing sod. My costumers read this false info and then are disappointed when they actually find out the truth so update your INFO!

Its not the 90s anymore we are in !

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I did all my own sprinkler zones, put extra piping in the ground for future drip lines or gardens. Did my back yard took 4 days to get it all in 18 pallets of sod price included delivery, they have a truck mounted forklift dropped the sod right where I needed it. The sod came 2'x4' pieces stacked on a pallet. The seller is very good they have clients coming 3 hours to the east from Reno NV because it's better quality and cheaper then sourcing it locally.

Just want to give some of you a little advice first make sure what the installer is doing is he tearing up existing lawn, adding soil, fert lime ect all these things plus labor add up. Included Sod deliveredinstalled on fine screened and leveled top soil and fertilization 6 weeks after install. Also was hand watered for the first week. The price of sod is much higher at lowes and home depot approximetly.

No where near quoted price on this site. I installed it in a customers lawn not aware of the problem. It wasn't the freshest sod I usually got from them but like I said I didn't know any better. Well all six pallets died and I heard from other customers and several garden centers that they had sold sod that had been cut to short at the sod farm and to make a profit sold it anyway. The sod all died in less than a week. I took them pictures to show and asked that they might atleast replace some of the grass if not all.

They wouldn't stand behind one piece, they said once you lay it it's your responsibility. So beware!

sod prices lowes

Turn the order around you don't have to except it. I have never seen 8 cents per sq. Sod farms that would sell for that cheap, will go out of business very fast! Different states, and different counties have different price varieties, but all of them have overhead so the best way to find out the price is by calling to the sod farms, or distributors straight and get a quote. This article is not helpful! How much would it cost to install sod, st augustine for the square footage indicated I'm in Florida.

South Eastern Connecticut Landscaping installed it for me.Turn to one of the oldest sod suppliers in the region for simple, easy sod purchase and delivery services. The lowest delivery fee anywhere in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. When you speak to people anywhere in the Tampa area and beyond, you'll hear nothing but great things about Sod Depot of Tampa Bay. That's because our family owned and operated team has spent more than 45 years building a reputation for superior quality and customer service.

Order from us and you'll see why we're preferred! Buy Sod. Quickly And Easily. Choose the right type of sod or coverage for your home or business. Sod Depot Warranty Claus. Sod Depot of Tampa Bay offers no written warranties on sod.

Home Depot Sod Prices

There are many factors out of our control once the sod leaves the farms. We believe that our customers will do the proper research regarding the best care for their sod and to do further research when choosing which sod will best fit their needs Please note that the worst time of the year to install sod is May-September.

There is an percent chance that the sod will get fungus or sod web worms or even both. We strongly recommend that you hire a lawn professional to spray your sod for fungus and insect problems. Sod should be installed right after it has been delivered. The longer you leave the sod on the pallet the worst it will look.

Our Bahia sod will at times have fire ants, weeds, cow patties and falls apart when picking it off the pallet.The price of sod will depend on a number of factors including the type of sod you are buying, the location and source you are buying it from, how much sod you need, the area where you are laying it and of course, whether you are planning to do it yourself or have it professionally installed.

Your location is surprisingly one of the biggest factors in determining price. Sod costs more to ship greater distances and some types are not grown for long shipping times. Hydroponic sod may do better during shipment, but may also be more expensive. Consider these things when you are shopping around for sod prices. Compare prices from local companies if you click here.

The first thing you need to do regardless of who is installing your sod is to get some rough measurements of your lawn. Try to be as accurate as possible, but keep in mind that it is better to have too much sod left over than not having enough.

Smaller pieces of grass sod will cost more in the long run. Here are some other things to note:. But, the easy ends right there. This is tedious, back-breaking, dirty work, and the grass sod is a lot heavier and more unwieldy to work with than most people would imagine.

One mistake can compromise the entire lawn, so to eliminate the aches and pains of installation and then the heartache of watching all of your work die off, it is simpler to hire a professional.

There are always ways to bring the cost of sod down on any project you are working on.

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Careful shopping and some prior education will go a long way in saving you money. Sod prices vary from place to place so make sure to explore the options below:. As the costs rise, going the DIY route can seem like the most appealing option, but before you get yourself in over your head make sure you consider these facts:. Get in touch with professional sod installers who you can hire for installation by filling out the form below:.

You need an iframes capable browser to view this content. Pricing for a Do It Yourself Sod Project The first thing you need to do regardless of who is installing your sod is to get some rough measurements of your lawn. Here are some other things to note: Sod is typically priced per square foot much like carpeting for your home. Price will vary depending on the type of sod that you are buying and the quality. You could buy a specialty sod grass that is unique and interesting, but you will pay more for it.

If you choose this option, be sure that it has a decent chance of growing in your climate or you will pay for a unique but short-lived lawn. How Much Does Sod Cost? Delivery charges can vary from free included in the sod price to more than half the total cost of the sod. There is typically a minimum amount for delivery. Other expenses that will need to be added to this project will include any tools that you do not own or cannot borrow rake, rototiller, lawn rollerorganic material to finish with, seeds for spot seeding after the sod grass is fully installed, and labor if you end up hiring a friend or two to help you.

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The shape and configuration of your project may have a lot to do with the cost of the labor portion of your sod installation bill. A large, flat area that is mostly square can be installed quickly and easily with the use of special equipment.

This can make the project a lot easier for the contractor and cheaper for you. It is also better for the finished quality of the sod itself. This equipment allows for wider, longer rolls of sod to be laid at one time, which eliminates the excess seaming found in the do it yourself projects.If you want a great looking lawn and you will be starting from scratch, many people often want to know which one is better, seed or sod. This is a question that depends on a wide range of factors.

These will usually determine what option is best for you. The Terrain — The terrain that you plan on having your lawn will often determine if you use seed or sod. It is best to know if it is shaded, the type of soil, if it is hilly and prone to erosion. All of this is important before you take the first step in creating your lawn.

Price — Price is an extremely important factor when it comes to the decision to sod or not to sod. Generally seeding is much cheaper than sod; however the labor is already worked out in sod as opposed to seed. Time — time is also an important aspect of the decision to seed or sod. People who have the time should consider seeding, as it is very time intensive.

People who are on a tight schedule should take the time to consider sod. This method is much quicker and the results are lighting fast. People often opt to seed their area as laying sod may be more difficult. If an individual is going to be seeding or sodding, the preparation for the area is going to be the same. The only difference is the cost related to the use of seed compared to sod.

In seeding there are many different types of mixes that can be used, to get the desired grass that you want. There is less labor involved with seeding, compared to sod. It is recommended that if an individual is going to seed, that you purchase only quality certified seed.

Sod Prices

People will often choose to use sod when it is more feasible than seeding an area. This may be in regards to needing a new lawn laid down as soon as possible. New sod can be used weeks after installation compared to the much longer time needed with sodding. With seeding there is the possibility of problems such as seeds failing to germinate. With the use of sod, people will not have to worry about weeds, something that is very common with seeding.

The quality will not be a problem as they can see what they are buying compared to seeds. If you are considering cutting your own sod, then it is best done with the use of some type of sod cutter. These cutters make the job much easier and they are very effective at cutting the sod at the right level and size. Many people are often interested in these products, however the cost […]. Kick type sod cutter is a manual device that is used to cut and move sod.

These special types of cutters make cutting out sod that much easier. The kick type sod cutter is similar to a plow with a built in shovel. It is a mechanical device that uses no oil or gasoline. It […].

How Much Does Grass Sod Cost – Prices & Installation

Fescue sod can be used in play areas, sports fields and even around the house. It is a tough and sturdy sod that will be able to stand wear and tear from a host of different activities. This type of grass is best suited for the cooler climates. It will stand up to colder temperatures, […]. Sod is an easy and effective way for people to get a nice new lawn for their household. The use of sod is very common and many landscapers and home owners use it to enhance or install a brand new lawn.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Home Depot. Wiki User I paid 2. The size of a roll of sod at Home depot varies on the price that is being paid and the brand that is being purchased. It also depends on the variation of sod being purchased. Home Depot does not sell sod.

How Much Does Sod Cost?

Sod is the grass that is grown and then you roll it out like a carpet. They call the places where they grow sod sod farms.

sod prices lowes

In the Phoenix, AZ. Asked in Lawn Care How much does a roll of sod weigh?

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At this point in time Paul Pinkerton Frederick MD. Typically, a roll of sod is 18" x 36". Two rolls of sod is about one square yard. One square yard of sod is about 9 square feet. Therefore, your roll of sod is approximately 4. Sod is not always available at Lowes and can't be purchased online. You'll need to visit a Lowe's store to see their current selection and prices. Asked in Lawn Care, Area How many square feet is a roll of sod? Typically a roll is 24" x 60" 10sqft. Asked in Lawn Care What is the size of a piece of sod grass?