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Custom spinnerbait blades

Custom spinnerbait blades

From topwater to deep structure, in thick cover and open water, fast or slow, day or night, spinnerbaits can do it all, and bass will bite many spinnerbait combos and colors.

custom spinnerbait blades

Unfortunately, the diverse spinnerbait options that make fishing fun and productive, just aren't available on the market. That just described most of the market.

That's why I make my own because there's no place else or no other way I can get precisely what works best for me - the overall balance, blades, spacing, wire diameter, components and colors I know I can depend on to produce quality bass when all else fails.

Custom Genesis Spinnerbait

Most anglers prefer double blades these days. Few use single blades, and there are even triple and quadruple blades now. But keep in mind that a single blade generates more torque, resistance, lift, feel, beat and vibration screwing through the water than two or more blades.

Bassdozer's spinnerbaits are available in three proven single blade configurations:. Most manufacturers put no other components on a wire arm with a single blade. They just don't realize that, especially with today's stronger braids and fluorocarbon lines, your knot often moves out of the spinnerbait R-bend while fighting a fish. Your line slides right up to the end of the wire arm. With a single-bladed spinnerbait, the knot can get cut by, slip under and off the wire end loop or straighten out the wire end loop.

Even the pressure of fighting small fish can do this. Not only do you lose your fish, but your spinnerbait is gone. Bassdozer's unique safety buffer - a stainless coil spring shock absorber capped between two hollow metal beads prevents the risk that your knot will get cut, slip off or open the end loop.

In weeds, Bassdozer's unique safety buffer runs interference to block weeds before they reach the swivel, so weeds can't stop the blade from turning. You often hear people recite a theory about the Willow being a better grass blade because it is more streamlined and therefore more weedless. Quite honestly though, no matter what blade I tie on for grass, they all get mummified in green, including Willows. There is also a second theory that a Colorado emits a stronger vibration that attracts bass better in areas of poor visibility, such as thick grass.

You decide, but while you do that, remember only Bassdozer's spinnerbaits have the grass-busting safety buffer to help keep whatever blade you choose turning in thick grass. Most anglers today prefer to use two blades on spinnerbaits. This preference may be partly based on the premise that if one blade is good, then two must be better - but that is not always true.

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Single-bladed spinnerbaits often fish truer, more precisely and with more vibration from a single blade than a pair of blades. Two blades can cancel out and weaken the effect of either one. So don't neglect single-bladed spinnerbaits, even though double blades are more popular. Bassdozer's spinnerbaits can be made in most any combination of double blades.

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Some of these combos are uncommon on tackle shop shelves, but they all appeal to bass. When buying a double-bladed spinnerbait, make sure you are happy with the front blade that comes on it, and don't ever try to change it. You certainly can using the split rings switch the back blade, but opening and re-closing the wire end loop to switch the front blade fatigues the wire.

If the knot slides up the arm while fighting a fish, the wire loop can uncurl if it has been weakened by opening and re-closing it. All Bassdozer's double blade assemblies have at least one hollow metal bead to serve as a safety buffer between your knot and the clevis U-shaped wire that holds the front blade.

A clevis often has sharp, square edges. While fighting a fish, the knot can often slide out of the R-bend and up the wire arm. If your knot is stressed against the sharp clevis edge under pressure of fighting even small fish, that's a heartbreak waiting to happen! So Bassdozer puts a bead for the knot to butt up against.

Blades Make the Spinnerbait

This safety buffer bead protects you from cut-offs on the clevis. Many other manufacturers don't put anything protective in front of the sharp clevis, but Bassdozer does. Once in a while, we may use plastic parts sparingly to add color on the wire arm. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we prefer to use all metal parts on Bassdozer's spinnerbaits. Plastic parts dampen wire arm vibration.Thank you for your interest and support of Georgia Blade Bait Company.

Georgia Blade is a bait company with over 30 years in the fishing industry. We sell our product wholesale, so look for us in your fishing stores.

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We sell wholesale to your local fishing centers. We are Honored to be invited into our stores, and your fishing world. Is there a fishing store you visit that does not carry Georgia Blade baits? We are making new colors regularly.

Double Blade

We work to determine what colors work best. Combined with the right trailer, you will be bringing home the trophy. Often referred to as the most versatile lure, as they are fished successfully year around. Fishing them slow, and bumping against a structure will be more than most bass can resist!! Our Premium Ultra Vibe Spinnerbait is available in cone head, shad head and hidden weight, in several colors. We offer many combinations of Colorado and willow leaf blades.

Our Premium Spinnerbait is available in cone head, shad head and hidden weight, in several colors. We have.

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Georgia Blade Premium Night Spinnerbaits come in many color and material combinations. They have Premium Colorado blades in gold, nickel, black laquer and bubblegum.

Fall is prime Buzzbait time. Cooling weather will move the bass shallow. With prime. Georgia Blade Buzzbaits will get you the bite every time. Many Skirt colors available.Replacement Blades Follow This Category. Advantage Spinnerbait Replacement Blades 2pk.

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Nichols Indiana Spinnerbait Replacement Blades 2pk. Owner Flashy Accent Trailer Blade 4pk. Phenix Replacement Vibrator Blades 3pk. Picasso Buzzbait Blades 3pk. Picasso Single Barrel Underspin Harness 2pk. Picasso Thunder Willow Replacement Blades. Picasso Willow Leaf Replacement Blades. Pro Point Underspin Blades 2pk.

Queen Tackle Switch Blades 3pk. Revenge Colorado Spinnerbait Blades. Revenge Willow Leaf Spinnerbait Blades. Stanley Wedge Replacement Willow Blades 3pk. Strike King Spinnerbait Replacement Blades. Talon Custom Lures Worm Blades 6pk. Zappu Tuning Blade 2pk. Zappu Twin Blade. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. You'll find more information on cookies at Data Protection.Best Bass Fishing Lures and Custom Spinnerbaits Rumba Doll Lures offers a variety of best in class bass fishing lures which includes custom spinnerbaitsstandard spinnerbaits, jig spinners and bass jigs.

The Original Spinnerbait is considered one of our best bass fishing lures in the arsenal due to its unique characteristics of sporting an old-style flat rubber skirt, a high-vibrating light wire and its famous Thunder N Lightning spinnerbait spinner blades.

The Original Spinnerbait is considered to be the best bass fishing spinnerbait lure in Louisiana. These spinnerbaits are available in standard styles that have been proven performers for over 30 years and can also be configured in many variations as a custom spinnerbait. The appearance and function of our bass fishing lures, especially the custom spinnerbaits, can be modified with replacement components such as silicone and flat rubber skirts and willow leaf, colorado and indiana spinnerbait spinner blades.

With these options, you can transform your bass fishing lure according to any condition to get the best bass fishing results. Check out our Online Fishing Store by clicking on the links below. Follow Us! Trusted Payment Partner.Given the ever-changing situation surrounding Coronavirus COVID we may have shortages of parts or supplies to build baits however we will make every effort to fulfill your order, or we will contact you about any delays. There are several manufacturers out there that claim to make the best bait on the market, when there are no differences between them.

We know this, so our goal is not to make such a claim, but rather let you know what sets us apart from other companies. There are two major factors that differentiate Red Dirt Bait Company from other manufacturers: The use of Tunable Titanium frames in our baits and the fact that our American made lures are constructed at the time an order is placed. What is Tunable Titanium? If the bait straightens out on a fish, just bend tune it back into place and keep fishing.

We have had reports of over one hundred Lake Erie Smallmouth that were caught on a single bait! See Our Full Story. Thank you for signing up for email offers from Red Dirt Bait Company! Toggle navigation. COVID Given the ever-changing situation surrounding Coronavirus COVID we may have shortages of parts or supplies to build baits however we will make every effort to fulfill your order, or we will contact you about any delays.

Your email address is required.The major concept to understand, the key to what makes a spinnerbait work is that blades make the spinnerbait. A spinnerbait without any blades is rather unappealing to bass. If you remove the blades from a spinnerbait wire, and fish with just the spinnerbait head and skirt but no blades, you're not going to catch very much.

Now put a blade or two on the arm above the skirt. The blades add the strike motivation in that the blades may appear as smaller fish being pursued by a bigger fish the bulkier skirt. Thanks to the blades, the skirt now appears as a bigger fish chasing smaller ones.

Bass usually won't tolerate other fish feeding in front of them, especially not subordinate size fish brazenly feeding That's one theory often recited about a spinnerbait, that with the blades, it imitates a small school of baitfish.

But whether that's true or not, the point is the blades add all the allure. The blades produce the strong vibration which runs through the wire arm, the head, the hook and down to the many skirt strands which all vibrate strongly.

custom spinnerbait blades

Due to the blades, the whole lure vibrates, which excites fish. Without blades, the lure wouldn't vibrate or flash. If you read the many articles on spinnerbaits, you are certainly likely to hear how a Willow flashes most but vibrates least, how a Colorado vibrates most but flashes least, and the Indiana flashes and vibrates in between those two extremes.

That's all true to a degree. Bottom line is that all blades all flash and all vibrate enough to attract fish with both these properties. We wish to make neat and repeatable rules for when one blade type will work better than others, but truth is most blades will work most days, and the rare times when one blade does work better than others is often unpredictable. It often comes down to trial and error, successfully catching a few fish with a certain blade configuration, and gaining confidence in it.

In addition to flash and vibration, all blades spin and all blades are in motion.

custom spinnerbait blades

You don't hear a lot about spin and motion, but it is significant that a spinning blade has more and faster movement than any other bass lure. No crankbait wobbles, no soft plastic grub tail wiggles more or as fast as a blade spins. Even when slow rolling it, a blade is usually a blur it moves so fast. It almost creates a three dimensional shape hologram at times. Other times, as the blade revolves degrees, it can look like several baitfish one on top, one on bottom, to the right and to the left at once - a school unto itself.

Whatever it may look like to a fish, this extreme source of movement - a spinning blade in blurring motion - is highly excitable to a fish's eye. Whereas flash and vibration can attract fish from further away, spin and motion are close-in, visual attractions.

Those are two things: 1 that blades make the spinnerbait, and 2 spinnerbait blade, flash, vibration, spin and motion to understand first and foremost about a spinnerbait. There's little documentation on the early origins of our basic blade shapes, but some accounts say that in the late 's, John Hildebrandt first hammered out the three basic blade shapes we still use today.

Legend says he started with a silver dime, working it into the shapes he wanted. He studied how the blades worked in the water until he felt he had perfected all three blade shapes we still use more than one hundred years later:.

How to Paint a Spinner Blade

Today, over years later, those three blade shapes are mainly what we use on bass spinnerbaits. Yes, there are a handful of other spinnerbait blade shapes too, but the Willow, Colorado and Indiana are by far the most popular. Let's start off looking at those three blade shapes first - the Willow, Colorado and Indiana - since they are primarily what you find on bass spinnerbaits. By far the most popular blade style today. Many anglers use nothing but Willow blades.

The venerable Willow blade is often talked about as if all Willows are all the same with identical fishing properties. The truth is that there are many different versions and variants of Willow blades on the market, more than most people realize, and no two Willows fish quite the same.

At first glance, they may all look the same, but each has differences in length, width, thickness, oval shape, degree of cup, raw base material, stamping and plating that make otherwise similar-looking willow blades behave differently from each other in the water. The Willow blades shown here turn more tightly, a little faster and in a smaller degree of arc than many other willow blades on the market. They create less torque or resistance when pulled through the water, and that lets them run a little deeper and truer than many other Willow blades.

These are superior performing willow blades.Rod Building.

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